Makeup Tray "Pastel Cat"

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    Makeup Tray "Pastel Cat"

    Turn yourself into a musical star with these pastel cat makeup colours

    The colour combination of this "Patel Cat" makeup tray turns you into an extravagant and extraordinary feline. 

    "Grizabella", "Electra" and "Cassandra" are some of the stars in the musical "Cats". With our pastel cat make-up tray you can turn yourself into one of these fantastic felines. The included instructions make it super easy to do the most amazing cat makeups. The makeup tray includes the colours white, pink, lilac and mint green - sufficient for about 15 makeups. Costumes like the Kitten Child Costume Size 104 or the  Persian kitten costume are the perfect outfits to match your kitten look. Turn yourself into a purring Cats star this Carnival or invite your friends to Cats themed birthday party this year.
    • Includes: water soluble makeup colours 15 ml