Mastic and Mastic Remover Economy

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Mastic and Mastic Remover Economy

Interested in skin adhesive for attaching latex wounds theater Hair

Any good Maskebildner and Special Make Up Artist needed mastic Haukleber, also called Spirit Gum in order to install latex applications, artificial wounds and Theater hair on the skin.

The set consists of mastic skin adhesive to attach latex applications and special makeup prosthetics, and theatrical hair and false beards.The Mastic Remover as Mastic Remover can easily remove from the skin of the skin adhesive.

1 x Mastic and Mastic Remover

  • Contents of bottles: mastic 7.25 ml, 14.5 ml Remover

A test for an allergic skin reaction in the elbow is recommended as the skin adhesive can sensitive skin cause temporary redness.If you during the test in the crook of your arm to show a violent redness, we do not recommend the use of the skin adhesive.