Film Blood / FX Blood 125ml

Item #: 12403

Film Blood / FX Blood 125ml

Special Film Blood from Hollywood

The best film of blood directly from Hollywood! Film Blood / FX Blood is in contrast to blood gel lighter and thinner.Because every injury from oxygen poor (dark) and oxygen Reichemberg (bright) blood is, it is essential to make up any wound and coarse injury with two different blood colors.The fake blood you can make it look realistic each Special Make Up.The fake blood is to be by its color and liquid consistency super Suited to wounds and injuries look fresh to mask transitions of latex wounds and refine

The film sees blood after drying still damp from without to rub off or bleed into great.The dry "Weteffekt" can be so great special effects and decorative items such as tiles, dolls, etc.einsauen with blood, ideal for crass make ups and for decorating.It's best to combine the brighter movie blood on our darker and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and with our Krust Blood / Blood Scabs ! A cool trick is to mix bread crumbs or Nescafe crumbs for fake blood to make it look as small blood clots!

  • Delivery: 1 bottle of fake blood / FX Blood
  • Color: blood-red
  • Content: 125 ml