Human Hair Eyelashes Black Winged

Item #: 8800912

Human Hair Eyelashes Black Winged 

Beautiful false eyelashes for a ravishing look!

False eyelashes have become extremely popular as they create a much more striking effect than mere mascara. With our real hair eyelashes you can create extravagant eye makeups. The long and dense hair will emphasize your eyes and make you look extremely sexy.

These real hair lashes are made of sterilized and dyed human scalp hair. To create a jet balck effect, the hair is very dense. The hair is graduated to make the ends look pointed. The winged shape creates a natural look. Best apply them with a pair of tweezers and some eyelash adhesive (available in any drugstore). When using our Mastix spirit gum small to apply your eyelashes, make sure to be very careful and use only a very small amount!

The Human Hair Eyelashes Black Jagged and the Human Hair Eyelashes Black are made of human hair, too!

Additional information on the real hair lashes:

  • Includes: 1 pair of eyelashes, eyelash adhesive not included
  • Colour: black
  • Winged shape
  • Extra dense and extra long
  • Material: 100 % real hair