Baby Pacifier Hasenzahn

Item #: 13051

Baby Pacifier Hasenzahn

The hit for all adults "toddlers"

Funny baby pacifier with two large incisors.The pacifier with the buck teeth is a funny article which provides the carnival and the carnival for amusement.The funny baby pacifiers are a fancy costume accessory for adults.

The funny joke article pacifiers are suitable for even adult babies to 99 years.The pacifiers are not recommended for infants under 3 months, since as with all other small parts, there is the danger of swallowing!

For children from 3 months.Meets the requirements of DIN EN 1400thMouth part of silicone in tooth-friendly form.

  • Material: Plastic, Silicone
  • the pacifiers disinfected for 5 minutes before first use in boiling water.For reasons of hygiene squeeze any remaining water.
  • Clean before each use.To prevent caries (tooth decay) and / or material damage, the suction tip Never immerse in sweet foods or medications.
  • After 1 to 2 months of use, replace the soother for reasons of safety and hygiene.
  • If the pacifier stuck in the mouth, do not panic.Remove the pacifier and lower it gently from the mouth.

To ensure the safety of the child, tie in no way loops or cords to the soother, the child could be strangled with it! Check the soother before each use thoroughly, especially if the child already has teeth.To check the suction pull in all directions.At the first signs of damage or defects, please discard the pacifiers.Not longer than recommended soak in disinfectant.ATTENTION! Strangulation: the pacifiers not bind around the baby's neck! The soother to direct sunlight or excessive heat expose!