Bloody Teeth

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Bloody Teeth

Zombies like us best when we are still alive

We have no reason to envy predators or vampires their fangs. As soon as we transform into zombies, our normal human teeth turn into terrifying weapons. With these teeth we have no problems to tear big chunks of meat off other people or to bite off a couple of their fingers.

These Bloody Teeth are an impressive accessory for a zombie or cannibal costume. It isn't so much the extravagant shape of these teeth that makes them look gory, but rather the black and coagulated blood between the teeth and the fresh red blood spatter on them. Use the included thermoplastic to fit the bloody dentures to your own teeth and wear your zombie dentures any time you like. Check out the Zombie Skeleton Costume XL, the Walking Dead "Zombie Girl" Costume and the Hannibal the cannibal mask if you are looking for a disguise to match these Halloween teeth.

Caution! Warning!!
This item is not a toy. Only suitable to be used by adults! Not suitable for children under the age of 3. Contains small parts that could be swallowed or inhaled. Adult supervision necessary!