Manga Contact Lenses Red

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Manga Contact Lenses Red

Turn your eyes into mysterious cosplay style manga eyes!

Get Japanese style eyes with these Manga Contact Lenses Red! Manga eyes are all the range these days. They are available in differnt colours. Beides these red Manga motif contact lenses we stock Manga Contact Lenses Blue and Manga Contact Lenses Green. The black Anime Contact Lenses have a large red striped rim that adds the characteristic doll-like look to your eyes. With these red Manga Contact Lenses youcan add the finishing touch to your Cosplay costume or Halloween outfit.

Throw hypnotizing glances with your red manga eyes. Make your eyes look really special and attract attention whenever you feel like it. These anime contact lenses are guaranteed to make you eyes an eye-catcher at any party. Create funky, cosplay style looks with our great coloured contact lenses and motif contact lenses!

These contact lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes and completely hide the original colour of your eyes.

For safe storage and cleanins best add our Contact lenses liquid to your order!

Additional information (Manga Contact Lenses Red):

  • Contents: 1 pair of soft contact lenses, no sight correction power (plano)
  • Water content: 38%, for comfortable wear
  • Useable up to 3 months
  • We recommend a maximum wearing time of 8 hours per day.
  • Not suitable for persons under the age of 16.
  • Diameter (DIA): 14.2 mm, base curve (BC): 8.60 mm
  • Supplied sterile in sealed glass vials

Warning: Before using contact lenses for the first time, make sure to make yourself thoroughly familiar with the instructions for the use of contact lenses. In case of any questions or the slightest uncertainty regarding the handling of your contact lenses, please contact an ophtalmologist or eye care specialist. If you are completely unfamiliar with the handling of contact lenses and have no specialist knowledge regarding the use of contact lenses, we strongly advise you against using them! We recommend a maximum wearing time of 8 hours per day.
Not suitable for persons under the age of 16.