Goofy latex ears

Item #: 15513

Goofy latex ears

Huge jug ears for the Super Nerd

The giant Goofy latex ears are not only since MAD and Alfred E. Neuman a funny jug ears gag but the ultimate party costume accessory for all Doofies, class clowns or other funny characters.With the insanely huge Goofy latex ears you are safe at any Halloween, Carnival and Carnival Party the laughs.The Goofy latex ears are fastened with skin adhesive easily to your ears and hold perfectly and can be used repeatedly.

So girls get him, the woman belongs to the NERD.To round out your nerd costume perfect, simply the Goofy latex ears z.B.with the Black Nerd Glasses With Glasses and the Chest hair toupee brown combine.Mastix spirit gum small not incl.

1 x Goffy latex ears

  • Color: Skin color
  • Size about.8 x 6 cm
  • Material: latex,
  • Skin Adhesive not incl.