Toothed horns tie

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Toothed horns tie

Hellish good look as Horned

On Halloween clenched hell force is kindled when demonic creatures are terrorizing.the servants of Lucifer are betraying mostly by the horns.Even if you're verwandelst on Halloween to figure from the realm of shadows, you missed the toothed horns a hellishly good outfit.

The horns in toothed optics consist of latex and fixed with a transparent, thin ribbon at the top.This makes it possible to place the satanic accessories directly on the hair, which is not the case with glued horns.The horns, with a size of about6 x 4 cm, perfectly fit Devil, demons and mythical creatures costumes such.B.the Child Midnight Demon Size M and the Lord Lucifer Deluxe Costume With which you can easily dress up on Halloween, Carnival, Carnival, to theme parties and role playing in a hellishly impressive creatures.

Product information:

  • Horns in toothed style tie
  • can be attached to hair
  • reusable
  • Material: Latex
  • Size: 6 x 4 cm