Sinister Stare - Creepy Eye Mask

Item #: 19143

Sinister Stare - Creepy Eye Mask

Here's looking at you, kid!

With this eye mask and a sinister stare you are guaranteed to hypnotize your neighbourhood. Nobody will be able to look away from your creepy eyes. The Die Sinister Stare mask will turn you into a creature from a strange new world. With these alien eyes you are guaranteed to be the star at any Halloween party! A minor transformation with an extremely strong effect.

The Sinister Stare Eye Mask is a mask that covers the eye area. The creepy eye mask is made of soft latex and easy to fasten to the skin. The prominent eye sockets and the deep, angry wrinkles on the forehead add an extra sinister and dangerous look to the black eyes. The black mesh covering the eye holes allows you to see all that's going on around you, while your eyes remain invisible for other people. The white dots on the mesh look like the reflection of the pupils. These alien eyes are guaranteed to make you the ultimate eye-catcher at any Halloween, carnival or theme event and the star of spooky foto shoots or horror film productions. match your gory eyes with our Sweeney Todd Wig or the Mohawk Punk Wig Black!


  • gruesome stare
  • easy to fasten
  • black mesh allows for unobstructed seeing


Material : latex