Small Cuts Wound Appliances

Item #: 19150

Small Cuts Wound Appliances

Stop nagging or I'll cut you!

Harry just can't stop nagging, but he should have thought twice before criticizing his mother in law's Sunday roast! Mum Gertrud knows herself that she isn't a great cook, but that day she finally had enough of her annoying son in law going on about it. He wouldn't stop, so he had to find out the hard way. Gertrud had the carving knife right at hand and ... Acts of revenge, fancing duels, knife attacks, kitchen accidents- there are countless ways to get some small cuts. Make up some terrifying story on how you got your little latex wounds and make a gory entrance at the next Halloween party.

This set of Small Cuts Wound Appliances includes three latex wounds in different sizes and shapes. When you want to make a shocking entrance, simply apply to any part of your skin by using some spirit gum such as our Mastix spirit gum small. Add some Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml to make the wound appliances look even more realistic. Clean the stick-on wounds with water and soap after use and reuse them for the next Halloween party!

Material: 100 % latex

Includes: 3 different-sized cuts made of latex, approx. 4 - 6,5 cm long

Spirit gum and fake blood are not included!

  • quick and easy to apply
  • perfect for horror events and stage plays
  • reusable