Alien slime reagent glass yellow

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Alien slime reagent glass yellow

Glischiger Alien Slime for Scifi fans

For all fans of the berirdischen and the television series The X-Files now there that original Alien slime reagent glass yellow.This schleimgeflltes test tube was probably smuggled out of the legendary Area 51.Slime, which is a great success since the end of 1976, here is the base of disgust toy.The Testrhrchen is filled with yellow Glibberschleim.In Ekelschleim swims a little alien and was apparently preserved in it.This fun stuff is a great gift for science fiction fans and for Halloween and carnival events.

The Rhrchen is about 3 cm in diameter and has a length of about 9.5 cm.The Alien, which floats in the Wabbelmasse, has a size of about 4 cm.With the toy mucus allowed for hours to have fun, let him hpfen, zerfliesen or make funny bubbles with a straw.And although the Wabbelschleim moist anfhlt the hands stay dry.Even more Slimy toys like Brilliant orange slime and Mini Blood Slime Infusion you'll find in the range of horror stores.