Egg and egg fried egg

Item #: 8801575

Egg fried egg

Hard shell, witty core

With the ultimate Slime gag you'll morning at breakfast, even make you smile the most hardened morning person.The joke fried egg with spoon and plate, looks like a naturally laid egg from happy chickens, but only at first glance.

The egg fried egg is a set consisting of spoons, plates and an egg from mucus.The Slime funny joke article is to annoy a suitable gag around someone really sleep.The joke fried egg is sealed with a plastic housing, the spoon is about5 cm long, and the pan having a diameter of 12 cm.

  • Delivery scope: a fried egg Slime Set
  • Material: 100% plastic
  • Dimensions: Pan: 12 cm in diameter; Spoon: about5 cm
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Not suitable for consumption!