Water Bomb Colorful 100 Pieces

Item #: 8800226

Water Bomb Colorful 100 Pieces

Go the water bomb battle!

In hot weather, there is nothing better than to deliver with friends a water slaughter! With the 100 water bombs you have enough in no time enough to make your opponent wet!

The water bombshells 100 pieces are easy to fill under the water tap and lie well in the hand, so that you are at the end of the winners of the water bomb slaughter. With 100 pieces in a pack, each one of a different color, you put any opponent in the shade! You can also have a lot of fun with the Whoopee Cushion Novelty Item and the Spring knife as costume accessories to have!

  • Delivery: 100 x colorful water bombs
  • Material: rubber
  • Colour: colorful