Chucky- scarred action figure 36cm

Item #: 15784

Chucky- Bride of Chucky Scared action figure 36cm

Chucky, the killer doll nasty that cannibalized from one film to another!

With each film there are more victims fall of hinterfotzigen and super vulgar doll victim.Sideshow brings here the best and most realistic Chucky doll on the market that has ever been produced.His dangerous radiant red hair and his insane look reveals nothing good! Give Chucky a chance and try to calm him.We beseech you !!

The Chucky doll Sideshow is full 36cm tall, is the face totally scarred and stitched with countless bites, can be used sitting or standing.The Chucky Action Figure has in addition to the elbows a hinge that allows the arms stretched or bent to hold.In addition, the horror figure by ball joints at the shoulders, neck and hips moving.Check in any case our Chucky horror mask in order to complete your collection of Chucky items!

Material: Plastic