Freddy Krueger Deluxe Figure 30 cm

Item #: 15929

Freddy Kruegger action figure 30cm

Freddy Krueger Mechandise for Nightmare on Elm Street Fands

The famous serial killer of Elm Street.His murderous existence was last triggered when he was made responsible for child murders in his neighborhood Springwood, Ohio.Prove but never could the court it clearly and let Freddy Krueger from insufficient evidence.His neighbors from the Elm Street exerted thereupon cruel revenge and vigilantism.The incited mob sought Freddy Krueger on at his workplace, the thermal power station and burned him alive.Years later, Freddy Krueger returns and avenges himself for his part in the children of parents, calling them haunts her dreams and beastly killing.Whatever you do, do not fall asleep.,,,,,,,!

The Freddy Krueger action figure is about30cm tall, is super agile, has a removable hat, an original fabric sweater plus a small Freddy doll that he can take on his arm.The 30 cm wide Freddy Krueger action figure is the latest creation of the Cinema of Fear series from Mezco and an ingenious collector's item!