SAW Jigsaw doll on tricycle 30cm

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SAW Jigsaw doll on tricycle 30cm

The original licensed ventriloquist doll SAW

The sadistic serial killer John Kramer from the US movie hit SAW constitutes ventriloquist's dummy Billy a to torment his victims or bamboozled by the police.Without the sinister ventriloquist's dummy Billy in a black suit and with the red squiggles on the cheek, a horror film from the movie series SAW is unthinkable!

The Jigsaw puppet and the tricycle are made of plastic, limited in the support, love to detail produced by the company Neca and thus the ideal gift for any fan of US blockbusters SAW.Now comes SAW 6 straight to the cinema and therefore the SAW Jigsaw Puppy Billy one of the hottest Horror Merchandise is figures ever.Fits also our SAW Jigsaw Mask or exclusively the horror mask Saw Jigsaw Mask John Kramer ,Billy is incl.Tricycle ca.35cm tall.

Product description:

  • Material: Plastic, size approx35cm