Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figure

Item #: 24389

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figure

Original licensed Leatherface Sammlerfigur

In Texas Backwood not a sacrifice of Leatherface and Co. should frequently look over his shoulder,to end - that we have learned from Tobe Hooper's cult film "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" The Texas Chainsaw Massacre action figure from the original film from 1974, we now have an ingenious merchandise for collectors and horror movie fans in the range.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figure is approx. 20 cm tall and is the skin-like face mask exactly the face of the iconic Leatherface again.Compulsory butcher apron for binding and shirt and trousers are made of real substance - and of course may not be missing the detailed prepared chainsaw and the bloody hammer.Thanks to the mobile shoulder, elbow and wrist, as well as the movement points on the pelvis.the knees and the ankles can put a variety of ways in the pose horror action figure with the gruesome murder weapons.For your own Texas Chainsaw costume we also have the Leatherface Mask Deluxe and the Leatherface Apron in stock.

1 x Texas Chainsaw Massacre Action Figure

  • Content: 1 x Action Figure Leatherface, 1 x chain, 1 x Hammer
  • Color: beige / brown / white / blue
  • Size: approx. 20 cm
  • Material: Plastic / fabric
  • Official Leatherface action figure with 14 points of movement and chainsaw and hammer

Warning: Not suitable for children under 14 years.Can contain small parts that could be swallowed - suffocation.