SAW Jigsaw Mask

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SAW Jigsaw Mask

With this mask you will for ventriloquist's dummy "Billy" from SAW

Nauseating, shocking, disgusting and totally inclined - just the thing for you? One of the novel ideas for Halloween itself offers the detailed SAW mask.This makes it possible for you to slip into the role of one of the most ruthless creatures among horror movie characters.As psychopathic serial killer so you can show even really know what it means to be afraid your friends.The game is on!

Jigsaw is the main character of the SAW movies and a serial killer who is introduced in the first film as John Kramer.Kramer is a respectable engineer who suffers from an inoperable brain tumor.After a failed suicide attempt changed Kramers perception and he starts a new respect and to find meaning in his life.Its kind people torturing extremely sadistic and just sick.Precisely for this reason, the fans, the film has been such a great success and is therefore considered as a Halloween classic.

The mask has the typical white face, the associated red face painting and the black hood.The colors ensure that a gloomy effect spreads to the mask.This mask can cover the entire face, with the black hood can be pulled over the head and then the entire head is masked.The SAW mask Billy a shock effect in your life is inevitable.The horror mask the SAW ventriloquist doll is made of soft vinyl and black synthetic hair.A must for any collector and Halloweenfan! What would be a real killer without his tools as a Torture Razor , of the Torture Bone or Bloody butcher knife ,

  • Material: Mask made of vinyl, hair of artificial hair
  • Size: 3/4 mask with hair