Alien Wallbreaker wall decoration

Item #: 20515

Alien Wallbreaker wall decoration

Giant Alien vs.Predator wall decoration for Sci-Fi Fans

With our unique and vast alien Wallbreaker any science fiction fan gets his money.With the brutal detailed processing, makes it seem as if the alien come directly from the Alien mural.

The Alien Wallbreaker is an alien mural from the science fiction film Alien vs.Predator.The licensed Alien vs.Predator Fan is made of durable plastic and shows how an extraterrestrial alien hand and his head through a wall breaks.The wonderfully crafted Alien vs.Predator mural is about73 cm long and 60 cm wide.

  • Delivery: 1 x Alien Wallbreaker
  • Dimensions: approx. 73 x 60 cm
  • Color: Red / Gray / Blue
  • Material: plastic