Arwen Evenstar Necklace

Item #: 22128

Arwen Evenstar Necklace

Licensed "Lord of the Rings" accessory for female fantasy fans

In a successful fantasy story as Peter Jackson's film adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" you will not miss a romantic love story - so take the pretty Halbelbin Arwen on the brave warrior Aragorn.With Arwen Evenstar necklace you too can play the role of embodied by Liv Tyler Beauty.

The original licensed Arwen Evenstar necklace in a more detailed preparation, the image of an enchanting evening star again.For "The Lord of the Rings" pendant we also have the Gandalf Lord Costume Deluxe and the Legolas costume set with bow Releases.

  • delivery : 1 x Arwen Evenstar necklace
  • Color: silver
  • Size: Chain about58 cm long, approx trailers5 x 3 cm
  • material : Plastic & Metal