Beetlejuice Funko Pop! Frame

Item #: 36084

Beetlejuice Funko Pop! frame

The poltergeist Beetlejuice as a collector's item

Complete with the Beetlejuice Funko Pop! Figure out your horror merchandise collection. As a gift for ghost fans the Beetlejuice vinyl figure is just as suitable as for Tim Burton fans. The popular articles from Funko Pop! are known for their characters from TV and cinema. With the Beetlejuice Funko Pop! figure you have found another great specimen for your showcase.

The delivery includes a Beetlejuice Funko Pop! Figure. It is 11 cm tall and is made of vinyl. The Beetlejuice figure is a gift item for horror fans and collectors. We also have these Beetlejuice Mask With Hair and that Beetlejuice women's costume in our range for you.

delivery: 1 x Beetlejuice Funko Pop! frame

  • Colour: Grey/Green/Red/Black/Silver
  • size: approx. 11 cm
  • Material: Vinyl