Bewitched Skeleton Tree

Item #: 15695

Bewitched Skeleton Tree

Creepy yet faszinierder decorative tree for Halloween

The Bewitched skeletal tree still clearly shows the similarity of the transformed into a tree victim a nasty magician.Horror and anxiety are reflected in the face of your guests will definitely be back.

A Tree Witch Mask cursed the unfortunate victims and in a short time, his arms and legs in verwandeleten gnarled branches.Derbes woods grew, from every pore flowed resin that walked in rustic bark and the last lifeblood flowed into the newly created branches.The Bewitched skeletal tree is an uncanny masterpiece and a super Halloween decoration.The impressive old, ossified decorative trees is about180 cm tall and stands on a solid iron plate! Decorated with Cobweb 40gr white. betonst you the age of this beautiful tree.

  • delivery 1x Bewitched Skeleton Tree
  • size : Ca.180cm
  • material : plastic