Chopped Off Arm In Chains

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Chopped off arm in chains

Severed body part as horror decoration in "Leatherface" style

The chopped-off arm in chains looks pretty damn real. You use it to turn your pad into your friend Leatherface's playroom on Halloween. Who says the chainsaw massacre always has to take place in Texas? People might as well have butcher shops in Buxtehude. Anyway, our severed body part is a mega cool horror decoration that you can use for a cannibal-style Halloween party.

Just hang the chopped off arm in chains in the kitchen or over the Halloween buffet. Let's see who has a strong stomach. Or who gets even hungrier at the sight of the chopped off arm and asks if they can have some mustard with it. The plastic arm is life-size and looks very disturbing because of the skin colour and the real looking fingers. The body part could also be used as a realistic decoration of a ghost train. The arm hangs on a massive looking silver chain.

Scope of supply: 1 x Chopped off arm in chains

  • Colour: skin tones, brown, silver, red
  • Size: Life size
  • Material: plastic
  • Rough Halloween decoration for splatter fans
  • Horror movie requisites for ghost train & escape room
  • Realistic appearance through life size

Not suitable for children under 3 years. May contain small parts that can be swallowed - danger of suffocation.