Dark Zombie Costume

Item #: 19351

Dark Zombie Costume

Raise from your grave - and wear this cool outfit on the next zombie walk!

When there's no more room in hell, soulless, undead creatures will return to the world of the living. Empty-eyed, with outstretched arm and half-decayed, bloodied features they will walk the earth, driven by an unsatiable hunger for human flesh. Without being aware of it, they will vegetate amongst the living until they are allowed to continue their everlasting zombie walk in hell. 

This creepy 3-piece Zombie Costume Set  includes brown ragged trousers, a dirty anddecayed looking olive-green long-sleeved top with torn hems and a tattered, mud-coloured shroud-like robe. With this zombie outfit you are perfectly dressed for gory events, Halloween, horror or theme parties and ghost train rides. Of course you can also wear this cool costume to scare innocent passersby at the next Zombie walk!  Match your scary Dark Zombie costume with our mit Dark Zombie Mask and the Zombie paws green or with the Face Off Zombie Mask and the Bloody Zombie kitchen knife headdress and your walking dead look will be perfect.

The costume set includes: Dark Zombie Horror Costume, 1 pair of trousers, 1 top and 1 shroud robe

Material: 100% polyester

Size: Dark Zombie adult costume, one size fits most adults

  • brown trouserd with torn hems
  • dirty and decayed looking top
  • tattered, shroud-like robe
  • a perfect horror costume for the legendary zombie walk