Dracula Cape Black Satin

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Dracula Cape Black Satin

Affordable vampire cape black satin

Ever since Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries recaptured the TV landscape are vampires on everyone's lips.The bloodthirsty creatures are popular characters especially on Halloween and carnival and need the fit vampire cape.The favorable Dracula Cape Black Satin is ideal for all vampires and creatures of the night!

Become the Dracula Cape for granddaddy of all vampires and use as Count Dracula our super realistic looking Vampire Canines / Scarecrow Fangs , A few Blood Capsules Economy to nibble on and a matching Vampire Make Up Set ,

Super discount, calf-length Dracula Cape Satin Black filled black satin shiny fabric with a foam, red collar.This great costume accessories you are well dressed for all occasions like Carnival and Halloween.

  • Length of the cape: approx. 145cm from shoulder measured, shoulder width: ca.55cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester