Green lantern

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Green lantern

The best lantern when it needs to be green on your hard

If your celebration has a green theme, the green lanterns are a great decoration idea.Whether the St.Patrick's Day is a shooting match or the hunter evening, the green lanterns agree on the topic, and make a great atmosphere.

The lantern is made of green paper.In the middle is a candle Cold.The round lantern is closed with a wire hanger.You can also the lantern on a stick and attach St. on theMartins train wear.Who likes it even greater, must the Lampion 40cm div. Colors antesten who it prefers to with hearty pattern is the Bavaria Rhombuses Lantern find it.For the waterproof decorative lighting is a Bunte Lampions aus Kunststoff the right thing.

  • Material : Paper, wire
  • Color Green
  • Diameter : About30 cm