Halloween Family FX Makeup Kit

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Halloween Family FX Makeup Kit

19-piece zombie make-up set for the whole family

Be careful not to be frightened of your own reflection when you see the most terrifying monsters of undead eyes. With the awesomely beautiful 19-piece Halloween Family FX Make-up Kit you'll be on Halloween and on the Day of the Dead the ugliest zombies and vampires since The Walking Dead. Whether you want to be a modern version of Frankenstein's monster or resurrect the Hellraiser, the spooky horror make-up kit makes it possible. The neighbors will run away screaming.

The 19-piece Halloween Family FX Make-up Kit has everything that terrifying zombies and monsters need to make themselves beautiful for the night. The four make-up colors can easily be applied to your face with the attached sponge to create a gruesomely pale foundation. First, you'll give your skin a beautiful pale complexion just like real vampires and zombies. Then you put on the latex wound and / or the tooth-black and let run down some of the fake blood from the blood churns at the corners of your mouth. Or you decorate your face with the nasty crust blood and with one of the three stick-on tattoos. The imagination knows no bounds when you go as a monster family. Matching this you will find in the shop lots of monsters, zombie and vampire costumes and accessories. Therefore, it is recommended that a test be made in the crook of the arm before using the product in order to exclude any allergic reactions. For this please apply the product on a small area of ​​the crook of the arm and approx. Leave for 30-60 minutes. If an allergic skin reaction occurs, it is not recommended to use the product.