Iron Maiden Killers Mask

Item #: 26838

Iron Maiden Killers Mask

Licensed Horromaske for Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Fans

Iron Maiden is an absolute cult! Here comes the licensed Iron Maiden Killers mask, which corresponds to the 1981 album cover. The band from England is one of the world's most successful metal bands and has broken records with more than 90 million records sold. Together with Judas Prist and Def Lepard Iron Maiden are responsible for the British Heavy Metal sound of the 80s. Crazy stage shows, crazy sound and the mascot Eddie, which is always interpreted in different ways, have been selling out halls for decades. With the Iron Maiden Killers Mask as fan article & band merchandise, you have a cool horror mask that is suitable as an Iron Maiden collector's item.

The original licensed Iron Maiden Killers mask is perfect as a horror and Halloween mask. The diabolic grin and the shaggy, white hair of the Eddie mask is made of high-quality latex and synthetic hair and painted by hand with an eye for detail. Since their debut album Iron Maiden, the mascot Eddie is a constant companion of stage shows and can be seen on every cover of the band. Order now the Iron Maiden Mask Killers, which became a cult figure with the skullface. We are sure that as an Iron Maiden fan you will also like the Iron Maiden Eddie Mask and Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind Mask!

delivery: 1 x Iron Maiden Killers Mask

  • Color: Brown/White/Grey/Black
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: latex and synthetic hair
  • handmade & hand-painted
  • Absolute collector's item
  • A must for Iron Maiden fans!