Jack'o'Lantern TV Halloween Effect DVD

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Jack'o'Lantern TV Halloween Effect DVD

Singing pumpkins FX DVD as ingenious Halloween decoration

With the Jack'o'Lantern TV Halloween Effect DVD we provide you with professional ghost train entertainment for your home! The singing pumpkins provide the atmospheric background for your next Halloween party!

The Jack'o'Lantern TV Halloween Effect DVD requires a DVD player and can be played on a projector, monitor or TV. A total of four different contents can be selected: At one point, the pumpkins recite a special version of "'Twas the Night before Christmas," tell a scary story about greedy trick-or-treaters, sing the songs "The Pumpkin Song" as well as "In the Hall of the Pumpkin King," and show a variety of wacky facial expressions in the pumpkin gallery. The effects on the Halloween DVD can be selected individually or played on a continuous loop. Even more Halloween decorations like the Halloween CD Mistress Macabre's Hottest Halloween Hits Dance Party and the Halloween Horror CD The Ville Haunt are also available at Horror-Shop.com!

Scope of supply: 1 x Jack'o'Lantern TV Halloween Effect DVD

  • Content: 4 video effects
  • Individually playable or continuous loop
  • Suitable for projector & TV devices and monitor
  • Professional haunted house entertainment!
  • Incl. scary sound
  • Ingenious Halloween decoration