Leather Pants Boxer Shorts

Item #: 8801821

Leather Pants Boxer Shorts

The underpants in Bavarian style for a slippery Oktoberfest

As a true Bayer you go regularly to the Oktoberfest and allows the measure and the roast pork taste.Of course, the appropriate costume should not be missed.With the leather pants boxer shorts you can demonstrate to the Free State of Bavaria even with the underwear your preference.

The leather pants boxer shorts printed with the original image of a leather pants including bags, knobs, buckles and stitching.With this very special underpants you are perfectly equipped for the Oktoberfest.We Also we also have the Leather Pants T-Shirt and for the ladies the Dirndl T-Shirt in the range.

  • Scope of delivery: A double-sided leather pants Boxer Shorts
  • Color: brown / yellow / green
  • Material: 81% polyester, 19% elastane
  • Size: Stretchy waistband to approx. 37 cm width