Maid Premium Costume. M

Item #: 15984 M

Maid Premium Costume.M

The classic maids or Maid costumes is this Maid Premium Costume. Like a whirlwind sweeping the Dienstmädche n through the hotel, the Villa or the eerie castle.The maid is often secret bearer of sovereignty and more often already appeared as agent in murder and manslaughter.The Maid Premium Costume therefore ideal as Carnival and Halloween costume.The short sexy Maid Premium Costume with the bell-like black skirt with white, lace squatter skirt has a petticoat whose hem is also decorated with white lace.The sewn shell consists of the white flower with Carmen neckline and the black laced bodice.Stockings not included.

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: M

More provocative hotel employees as the Spanish Dancer Costume and the Maid Costume you'll find in our product range.

The costumes of the Premium Collection distinguished by high quality out.The fabrics used are valent and heavy, it come like materials rayon , Velvet, brocade , Chiffon, tricot and tip for use are partly rich embroidered and decorated with beautiful colored bands and they are sealed mostly with proper zippers or buttons.