Play money dollar bills 1000 $

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Play money dollar bills 1000 $

American banknotes as play money for the casino party

Rags to riches as you'll play money casino for your party or your performance as a mobster or pimp with a bunch of American banknotes.With the bundle play money dollar bills you are a welcome guest at poker, roulette or blackjack, provided that these are not a real casino! Great costume accessory for Halloween and carnival or play money for a table dance bar.

The US banknotes as play money, we deliver in a pack with 1,000x 1000 dollar bills.As a complement to the play money, we also recommend you the Dollar sign necklace as well as the Dollar Ringgold ,

Package included: 1 x game money dollar bills

  • Content: 1,000 notes
  • Length: approx. 15 cm
  • Material: Paper