Pyro Pack China Firecrackers Bang Assortment

Pyro Pack China firecrackers bang assortment

Loud New Year's Eve fireworks with bang effects

60 different China-Cracker and China-Böller in a transparent bag as classic fireworks for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

  • Content: 1 piece with 60 crackers
  • Volume: Normal
  • Category: CAT F2
  • Country: Germany, Austria
  • Distribution to persons under 18 years of age prohibited
  • For outdoor use only

These fireworks are only available in our Landsham store and are NOT sold or shipped online! Class 2 fireworks can only be purchased 3 days before New Year's Eve by adults at our Superstore in Landsham. The horror shop Citystore does not sell fireworks.