Scare backpack

Cooler Backpack with skeleton print in the trendy punk style

The laptop backpack is held in the trendy punk look and provides more applications.Stow Whether as a travel backpack, school bag, laptop bag or a couple of beers.The skeleton backpack is popular due to its design in einzigatiges punks and for all alternatives.

The skeleton backpack is printed with a black skeleton print.Also above is a manufacturer, Kreepsville pressure, and a skull is also seen.For die-hard punks, Goths, Emos and rockers Billy the name says it all.The Scare backpack accommodates laptops, folders and books.Front are two small pockets with zipper.The front compartments are also reflected in the interior of the trendy punk backpack.Laterally held in a white, mesh bottle holder, and on the opposite side of a key keeper and pencil pocket is attached.In addition, the back and the shoulder strap is padded to ensure better stability and erziehlen a high wearing comfort.Due to our Punk Style Skeletal skinny jeans Or Knee-length pants with buckles and straps so you're certainly a head turner.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size approx: 45x37x16 cm
  • Belt length ca: 70 cm
  • Brand: Kreepsville 666
  • Front print (skeleton)
  • padded, ergonomic, adjustable straps
  • Main compartment (very spacious), DIN A 4
  • 2 extra pockets inside
  • 2 zip pockets on the front
  • 1 zip pocket at the side
  • Mesh bottle holder side (white)