Shock Mystery Chewing Gum 12 St.

Item #: 12930

Shock Mystery Chewing Gum 12 St.

12 St.Super sour joke article for Halloween fans!

Twelve specially sour gum! Mixed flavor and ultra ultra sour at the beginning.Truly a shock, there are loads of hackles and one gasps.The party gag for all Trick or Treat fans! Try but sometimes our Trick Or Treat Bag or Mini Dracula Teeth of foam sugar 150 St. ,

Package: 12 x Shock Mystery Chewing Gum

  • Net weight: 12 x 4 g = 48 g

Ingredients: Sugar, gum, glucose syrup, humectants, E420, E422, acidifier: E296, E330, soya lecithin emulsifiers, Vedickungsmittel, gum arabic, carnauba wax coating agents, antioxidants E 320

Country of origin: Italy, Manufacturer: Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A., Via XXV Aprile 7, 20020 Lainate, Italy