Slipknot Mask Chris Fehn

Item #: 26721

Slipknot Mask Chris Fehn

Original license mask the heavy metal band Slipknot

Chris Fehn is percussionist of heavy metal band Slipknot and always appeared there in a clown mask with Pinocchio nose.Over the years, Slipknot has its horror masks changed repeatedly while Chris Fehn was his clown mask true, this has not changed the color of her.The Slipknot Chris Mask was initially of white over red, slowly getting darker.The Slipknot Mask Chris 2016 shows this time the clown in black Sadomasochism look with silver front view.

Extremely cool Slipknot Heavy Metal latex mask for heavy metal fans.The fantastic, original, licensed full head mask is made of latex and processed detail.With the mask Sklipknot you own a mask, the same place as a collectible their use, such as a Halloween mask or RPG mask.

1 x Slipknot Mask Chris Fehn

  • color : Black silver
  • size : Full head mask
  • material : latex
  • Original license mask
  • Slipknot Fan