Theater Blood Spray

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Theater Blood Spray

Art blood to spray as a make-up. Special effect for Halloween

Your outfit on Halloween still needs that certain something? No question, then the Theater Blood Spray is just right for you. So you look like you've just had a personal Splatter campaign behind you, because the many real-looking blood spatters on your face and on your arms do not allow for any other conclusion. You must have raged like Michael Myers or like the nasty grimace man from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But maybe you are also an elegant vampire at a goth party, which, despite all precautions, unfortunately went astray?

With the Theater Blood Spray you can create a great decoration effect, even in the home, where you can, for example, apply small blood spatters on the windows. But the best effect of the movie is still on you. A blood-spattered neck is just as eye-catching as the drops of blood that can still be seen on your arm. The fake blood is not recommended for children under 13 years. Before using as a decoration, be sure to do a test on removability at an inconspicuous place. Do not use the product on joints, upholstery and carpets. When used as a make-up accessory, the film's blood can be removed with water and mild soap. Repeated washing may be necessary.