Tombstone Set with LED Eyes

Item #: 19220

Tombstone Set with LED Eyes

A fantastic decoration idea for goths!

An old graveyard with its overgrown burial plots, steles, statues and gravesites is the perfect place to rest the mind, daydream and ponder upon the impermanence of all existence. In the shade of an ossuary, in the omnipresence of death, all troubles and sorrows of our mortal existence fade away in their insignificance.

With this Tombstone Set you an create a mystic graveyard atmosphere wherever you like. The grey gravestone kit  contains one grey stone optics tombstone with of approx. 36,5 cm x 55 cm, featuring a skull detail with fascinating red LED eyes, 4 brick wall style fence posts with skulls, 2 matching black fences, 3 plastic skulls, skeletal remains, plastic spiders, a blood-stained shroud and decoration moss. This meag cool set is a must have for your next Halloween or ghost party or for an evening of necromancy. match this realistic looking Tombstone Set with LEDs with our Tombstone Skeleton Guard and the Skull Glow in the Dark Economy and you are guaranteed to shock your neighbourhood!

Material : super lightweight polystyrene, plastic parts and polyester


  • realistic looking stone optics tombstone
  • 4 skull fence posts
  • 2 pieces of fence
  • plastic skeleton parts, skulls and spiders
  • battery-driven, red light-up eyes
  • the included batteries are only for testing
  • blood-stained shroud
  • decoration moss