Zombie Blood Capsules

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Zombie Blood Capsules

The right Blood Capsules to turn you into a blood spitting zombie for the Zombie Walk!

If you want to turn yourself into a blood spitting zombie with dark red blood scabs in the corners of your mouth, our Zombie Blood Capsules are a must have. These special blood capsules for zombies are a lot darker than the blood capsules for vampires. While vampires prefer fresh and therefore light coloured blood, zombies are into old, slightly clotted blood which, of course, is dark coloured.

The six blood capsules included in this pack contain dark, viscous blood. Place the blood capsule in your mouth and let the blood gush at the right moment. The bloody surprise will shock everyone around you. Blood Capsules are a must-have special effect for horror events and Halloween parties. The fx blood is non-hazardous in your mouth, but not meant for consumption.

Contains 6 pieces of 5,4 ml, each

  • super cool shock effect
  • dark zombie blood
  • 6 pcs

Caution! This item is not a toy. Not suitable for children under the age of 15!