Zombie Opa With Walking Aid With Sound & Movement

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Zombie Opa With Walking Aid With Sound & Movement

Grandiose Halloween Animatronic of a Zombie Grandpa with Walker

Life-size zombie grandpa with walking aid, desperately trying to get out of the field, although his legs were torn off by a horde of voracious zombies. Constantly oscillating back and forth, with bright eyes and creepy sound, our zombie wants to pursue Opa. With this Halloween Animatronic in the ghost train style, you can create a professional scary atmosphere, which can only be seen in an amusement park! Crazy Halloween decoration that will also cause a sensation on your party.

The zombie Opa with walking aid has a zombie skull with artificial hair, whose eyes shine dangerously. The hands are attached to the plastic walker. A blood-spattered shirt, together with the gray jacket, the tie and the hanging fabric gathers, give the perfect zombie look. After activating the Halloween Animatronic, creepy groans sound and the upper body moves from left to right, which gives the impression that the zombie grandfather would try to run.

The Halloween Animatronic is made of metal and plastic frame and is easy to assemble. Manual). The Halloween figure comes with a German adapter for the plug, so the zombie Opa also fits for German sockets. You can operate the Zombie Opa with walking aid, in 3 different operating modes, activated by motion detector, triggered by a permanent loop or by enclosed footpad. After the assembly, the Halloween Animatronic is approx. 155 cm in height.

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Scope of supply: 1 x Zombie Opa with walking aid with sound & movement

  • Content: 1 x Zombie Grandpa with walking aid, 1 x floor mat with activation function
  • 3 Functions: Continuous operation, motion detector or activation by floor mat
  • Colour: Gray, Beige, Red, Silver
  • Size: approximately 155 cm
  • material : Metal, plastic, polyester, electronics
  • Adapter for German connection is included
  • Scary Halloween Animatronic with light, movement & sound

Attention: It is important that the Zombie Opa is set free standing, protected from access by party guests. The Halloween Animatronic has a sensitive electronics that can be broken if, for example, B, the character can be prevented from moving. Professional Halloween Animatronics like the zombie grandfather with walking aid are basically decorating items to look at and not to touch! The Halloween Animatronic is an interior decoration and is to be used outdoors only if it has a dry canopy!

The article is a decorative item for adults and not a toy. Not suitable for children under 12 years. Can contain small parts that can be swallowed - danger of suffocation. Keep away from fire and open flames.