Balloon Sticks 100 PCS

Item #: 8800272

Balloon Sticks 100 PCS

Your balloon will never fly off again!

Balloons are an essential accessory for children's birthday parties! If it is your kid's birthday soon and you are looking for a way to make all the colourful balloons stay in place, our Balloon Sticks are just what you have been looking for.

With 100 pieces per pack you can be sure you have enough sticks to fix as many balloons as you wish. All the little party guests can have their own balloons and they won't have to tie it to their wrists, but can hold it on a stick.
The Balloon Sticks 100 pcs can be easily attached to the balloons. Just squeeze the balloon knot into the cup attached to the stick and ready you are. The stick is approx. 37 cm long. The length of the stick and cup is approx. 40 cm.
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Material: plastic
Pack contains: 100 pcs