Singing Foil balloon "Birthday Party"

Item #: 24249

Singing Foil balloon "Birthday Party"

Funny helium balloon with music and party song

Order now your foil balloon with the funny party and surprise your birthday child in addition with a song that sings the balloon at your fingertips.With the extraordinary balloon you have a wonderful birthday present, about certainly would each honoree.

Printed with colorful and birthday candles showing of about71 cm large balloon the word "party" and is therefore a real eye-catcher.By pressing a button the birthday balloon sings the song "Get The Party Started".If you befüllst the singing foil balloon with helium instead of air, these floats for a few weeks in the air.The balloon can be refilled with helium or air, thus ensuring long-lasting delight again with careful handling.For transport reasons, the foil balloon is sent unfilled, and has yet to be filled by you with helium or air! Other popular Birthday balloons as the Singing Foil balloon "Happy Birthday" and the Congratulations Foil Balloon Other highlights for a birthday party.

1 x Singing Foil balloon "Birthday Party"

  • Color: Orange / Purple / turquoise / green / yellow / red
  • Size: approx. 71 cm
  • Material: Custom Metal foil
  • Foil balloon is sent unfilled
  • Can be filled with helium or air
  • Sing a button "Get the Party Started"