Chinese Lantern Moon

Item #: 8800339

Chinese Lantern Moon

A blue and yellow moon lampion with a smiling face makes a perfect decoration for summer night garden parties.

This big round paper lantern with the smiling features of the moon an ideal decoration for your next garden party. Illuminate it with a candle when it gets dark and create beautiful smooth lighting.

The Chinese Lantern Moon is made of flame-retardant paper. It comes with a hanging device and smiles at you with its friendly moon face. The paper lantern is yellow with blue and red trim. Its 42 cm diameter make this lampion a great eye-catcher. Have a look at more paper lanterns such as the Chinese Lantern Sun, the Paper Lantern France or the Paper Lanterns Multicoloured 10 PCS in our Horror Shop!

Material: flame-retardant paper, metal (hanger, candleholder)