Fireproofing spray 400 ml

Item #: 67856

Fireproofing spray 400 ml

With the fire protection impregnation you are on Halloween au the safe side

Even with boisterous Halloween parties that safety is the first priority.Therefore, we recommend the flame protection spray 400 ml as a fire retardant impregnation for decorations of crepe paper and decorative fabrics made of cellulose fiber fabric and jute indoors.The impregnation with the flame protection spray absorbent articles made from these materials to be made fire resistant.

Before use, the flame protection sprays 400 ml should the can be shaken vigorously, and then spraying to be impregnated objects from about 20 cm away uniform coverage.After application, keep the can with the valve down and briefly spray until only propellant escapes.As sprays for pure entertainment, we also have the Glow in the Dark UV Deco Spray and the Snow Spray 150ml in the range.

  • Scope of delivery: 1 x flame protection spray
  • Quantity: 400 ml
  • Keep ignition sources away - Do not smoke
  • Do not breathe spray