Grapes Hanger

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Grapes Hanger

Beautiful Mediterranean decoration for your home!

Grapes are the fruits of the vine. This is one of the climbing plants, one of the oldest cultural cultures of mankind. The berries are color-coded in green and dark red. If one thinks of grapes, then immediately comes a nice weather and vacation in the mind. So the grapes hangers would be a nice decorating idea for your kitchen, dining room or restaurant.

The grape hanger has a length of approx. 220cm and it alternately green and red berry on it, which a measure of approx. 11 x 7cm. An almost translucent cord holds everything together, and you can also attach the entire decorative jewelery to it. To show off your southern flair in your apartment even more, we recommend ours Sardines Hanging Decoration and the Lobster Garland ,

  • Material: Paper
  • Length: 220 cm