Flags Garland Italy

Item #: 8801615

Flags Garland Italy

The honeycomb garland for Italian football fans

At every World Cup and European Championship entire nations sit tensely in front of the TV - just enjoy to pursue a game of their team in the stadium.With the flags garland Italy all fans of the Italian team can bring some stadium atmosphere in your own four walls.

The green / white / red flags garland Italy is about4 m long and consists of individual cells, where periodically an Italian flag is attached.With this chic decorative items you can celebrate a cozy Italian dinner with friends.We Also we recommend Lufballons Italy 6 Pcs. and the Streamers Italy .

  • Scope of delivery: A flag garland Italy
  • Color: green / white / red
  • Material: Paper
  • Size: approx. 4 m long