Cursed Werewolf With Sound & Movement

Item #: 26400

Cursed Werewolf With Sound & Movement

Life-size ghost-train figure that moves, howls & shines with the eyes

The evil werewolf loves not only full moon nights but also Halloween and Gruselevents. With the Werewolf Halloween Animatronic, you have a fantastic ghost-train figure that moves, with the eyes lit and whistling. The huge 2-meter-wide werewolf, hunts dangerously moves his head back and forth before he suddenly reaches for you and then lifts his head to the moon. Fantastic Halloween Animatronic in ghost train quality, which will ensure your guests will be amazed!

The wobbling, cursed werewolf is as Halloween Animatronic after simple assembling approx. 200 cm in height. After plugging into the socket (included adapter), the Halloween Animatronic can be activated with 3 different selectable methods, with infrared motion detector, with accompanying floor mat or in continuous operation. The volume of the wolf's horn can be adjusted on a controller.

It is important that the Werewolf as a moving Halloween figure is freestanding, best protected from being accessed by party guests! The Halloween Animatronic has a sensitive electronics that can be broken if, for example, B, the werewolf is prevented from stretching forward or the head and the jaw area can move freely. Professional Halloween Animatronics like the Cursed Werewolf with Sound & Movement are fundamentally decorative items to look at and not to touch! The Halloween Werewolf is an indoor decoration as a ghost train figure and is only to be used outdoors, if it has a dry roofing!

Other cool Halloween animatronics would then be Gripping Sensenmann Halloween Animatronic and the Speaking Swamp Witch standing up with LED eyes or the talking Skeletal Reaper with movement

Scope of supply: 1 x Damn Werewolf with sound & movement

  • Content: 1 x Damned werewolf, 1 x floor mat with activation function
  • 3 Functions: Continuous operation, motion detector or activation by floor mat
  • Colour: Blue / White / Brown
  • Size: approximately 200 cm
  • material : Latex, metal and plastic
  • Adapter for German connection is included
  • Scary Halloween Animatronic with light, movement & sound

Attention: The item is for adults and not a toy. Only to be used indoors or in dry outdoor areas. Protect from moisture and moisture. Not suitable for children under 12 years. Can contain small parts that can be swallowed - danger of suffocation. Keep away from fire and open flames.