Exorcist Animatronic Regan

Item #: 18515

 Exorcist Animatronic Regan MacNeil

The Exorcist Animatronic Regan MacNeil is an absolutely eye-catching Halloween prop that will turn your home into a gory house of horrors and guarantee a perfectly creepy atmosphere.

Our gory Exorcist Animatronic Regan is possessed by a demon and like in the horror classic The Exorcist she turns her head 360 degrees. On top of that she she screams horribly while doing so. This Halloween prop is guaranteed to give your guests the creeps!

The Exorcist Animatronic Regan wears checkered pyjamas which are covered with green vomit. The evil features of the animated Regan prop add the finshing touches to this Halloween animatronic and make it the scary highlight of any Halloween and horror party.

Material: latex