Eyeless Stand Animatronic

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Eyeless Stand Animatronic

The Revenge of the Eyeless Bone Woman - sensational scary decoration

When the lord of the castle returned, he learned of the infidelity of his wife. But he wanted to convince himself and feigned a longer journey. On the very next evening the manor of the palace appeared in the palace court. He went to his wife's apartment and found her in the arms of the stable. Fury-stricken, he stared out her eyes and let them wallow in a black robe. Years passed, the door suddenly opened, entered his black, ragged garment, his dead wife. She looked at him and waved him to follow her and disappeared. He screamed madly, still a heavy sigh and fell dead to the ground.

This ingenious Animatronic stand is decorated with a black robe and a tattered corpse-like bridle. In the right hand, the ocular figure stands a lantern, in the left the outgoing eye, which is connected to the eye-hole by a bloody bandage. So that the horror decoration does not overturn, under the black robe is a screen construction. When the screen is clamped, the Skeletal Animatrinic is maintained. In the chest, the action switch is switched on and off, it is actuated, yells, shakes and shakes the eyeless horror decoration, the eyeball and the eye sill glow red. Fits the Horror Animatronic stand Walking Ghost Animatronic or Slithering eyeballs

Product information:

  • Animatronic Standfigur (batteries included for test purposes only!)
  • Brilliant and loud Halloween decoration and horror events
  • With LED light in the eyes
  • Size about. 61 cm, diameter approx. 27 cm